About Us

The Startup Network was set up to support the growth of ambitious young companies, from concept all the way to IPO. We connect the whole startup ecosystem, from profiling exciting companies to giving access to experts and investors.

Our Founders were brought together by their passion for the startup world. As advisors and seasoned business people we were often asked for help and introductions by growing companies only to find we had nowhere to point these entrepreneurs.

Driven by the need for practical help, together we set out to create an online hub providing access to knowledge, investors and solutions for entrepreneurs to take their idea from inception to IPO.

As part of the membership benefits The Startup Network offers, we partner with great businesses who understand the unique needs and challenges startup and scaleup companies face.

  • Our partnership with SeedLegals gives our members access to a legal automation platform to fully manage startup funding rounds. Members of The Startup Network can access SeedLegals services with a special discount code.¬†Please get in touch at hello@thestartupnetwork.co to claim the discount code exclusive to our members.
  • We will shortly be announcing further exciting partnerships to benefit our members.

Please get in touch at hello@thestartupnetwork.co if you would like to find out more about becoming a member or if you would like your profile or blog post featured on our site.