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The Startup Network Magazine is a publication formed off the back of The Startup Network, a networking group for corporate innovation, start-up and investment professionals

Originally launched in 2008, The Startup Network Magazine has become renowned for providing quality insight and a global perspective. We aim to promote and encourage the successful collaboration of corporate innovation with the start-up community through original, insightful content as well as research materials and networking events.

The Startup Network Magazine, helps corporate innovation professionals achieve more in their innovation programmes, benchmark their efforts and connect to their peers as well as directly into the start-up community. In addition to reporting the latest developments, writing in-depth features, producing research reports; and broadcasting podcasts; The Startup Network Magazine also hosts events across key regional and international hubs.

Our awards and events are fast becoming the definitive hallmark of innovation excellence and best practice, while our think tanks offer a unique opportunity for high-level executives, entrepreneurs and investment professionals to share ideas with their peers and with our expert panels. The Startup Network Magazine also hosts conferences and webinars as part of our commitment to providing ongoing education to the innovation and start-up community.

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If you would like to find out more about us, or would like to enquire about partnerships, advertising or editorial, please get in touch at hello@thestartupnetwork.co


At The Startup Network Magazine, we offer innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities to enable you to get your message in front of our high-level audience of corporate innovation and start-up professionals.

We take a consultative approach, working with you to understand your marketing objectives, develop effective campaigns and drive ROI. Our range of content, digital and events solutions can provide maximum value for any budget.

10 years of innovation heritage
The Startup Network was founded in 2008 to help corporate innovation and start-up professionals be more knowledgeable, effective and successful in their careers.

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