This month we’re considering all things connectivity-related. We examine the fundamental changes seen in the field of artificial intelligence in an in-depth article by Flavia Richardson of Funding London. Tina Woods, founder of Collider Health, expands on this theme by focusing on AI innovators in the health sector.

Looking ahead to 2020, telecoms expert Iqbal Singh Bedi describes the opportunities that 5G will create for the UK’s tech sector. In the meantime, Evan Weinburg of infrastructure provider start-up, TrueSpeed, outlines the current difficulties faced by rural communities in accessing broadband and remaining connected.

We will be talking to Breed Reply, a leading investor in early-stage IoT companies, to find out what really excites them – and we will also feature a couple of their portfolio companies, including smart-building specialist, EnModus, to get their take on founding and funding an IoT-related start-up.

We’ll also be looking at the innovations that have allowed the connected workplace to evolve, as well as how to harness the power of social media for small businesses.

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Scott and Preeya