Now in its fifth consecutive year, the DataIQ 100 has been revealed once again to highlight the UK’s key industry leaders who drive business success from the intelligent use of data.

The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, secured this year’s number one position and celebrated the success of the organisations which recognise the need to champion best practice in data-driven business, at the launch of the 2018 power list on 28 February 28 in Central London.

Denham commented: “DataIQ provides an important forum for data professionals to share best practice and learning – essential in such a fast paced and changing environment. Leaders and practitioners in this space – everyone in data and analytics – should learn from data, and augment their services through data intelligence, but also ensure that they don’t lose sight of their brand and the essence of their service.

“Data is a powerful tool; when used ethically and responsibly it can be used to empower and enrich all our lives. It is incumbent on all of us as data professionals to earn the trust and confidence of the public in how their personal data is used, so that everyone benefits in a data-driven world.

“The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a game changer and a powerful incentive for businesses to embrace good data protection practice. I am encouraged by the many organisations that see the data opportunities the law presents, rather than the barriers it throws up.

“My role allows me to engage with progressive companies and public bodies looking to adopt privacy by design solutions. I am struck by entrepreneurial development of products which minimise the amount of personal data processed, and which maximise the control people have over their data. As the head of the agency charged with protecting UK citizens’ information rights, I am honoured to work with 500 staff dedicated to innovative regulation and excellent public service.”

The top ten professionals in the 2018 DataIQ 100 are:

  1. Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner
  2. Gillian Tomlinson, CDO, RSA
  3. Andrew Day, CDO, Sainsbury’s
  4. Jon Hussey, managing director, data and strategic analytics, Barclays
  5. Michael Greene, group data and analytics director, Tesco
  6. Paul Lodge, CDO, Department for Work and Pensions
  7. Lauren Sager Weinstein, CDO, Transport for London
  8. Orlando Machado, global director of customer analytics and data science, Aviva
  9. Martin Squires, global lead, customer intelligence and data, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  10. Katia Walsh, chief global data and analytics officer, Vodafone

DataIQ compiles the list using a set of objective criteria, including recognising those with the greatest regulatory powers, industry contribution and influence, data privacy best practice, and innovation in digital and mobile. Extra ‘points’ were awarded to those with a high public profile.

David Reed, director of strategy, DataIQ commented: “Choosing the candidates for the DataIQ 100 2018 edition was a unique opportunity to understand how far data and analytics practitioners have come since our first list five years ago.

“With 475 nominations, it was the most diverse set of candidates that we have ever considered and the final line-up is our strongest yet. It also reveals that 2017 was a breakthrough year for individuals, even more than it was for the industry as a whole. This is because they are finally benefiting from the status, resources and rewards that have long been merited, but not always realised. We have 27 chief data officers represented among our Data Titans – the end-users whose investment into data and analytics is bringing about such profound changes to the economy, society and business.

“Appointing a CDO is a sure sign of a fast-maturing practice and a necessary step to formalise all the individual processes that are required to be data-driven, from leadership to deep data diving, customer insight to business intelligence. Alongside them stands a spectrum of senior professionals whose diversity of titles speaks of the ongoing need for standardisation, not least to make clear the career paths industry. We need to maintain and build the flow of talent if this list, five years from now, is to continue to represent the brightest and best.

“When asked why they chose data, the most common answer our candidates gave was: “data chose me”. We are glad it did and that they responded to its call because it means that, based on the incredible performance and depth of commitment they have shown, we have been able to choose them, too.”

Lindsay McEwan, vice president and managing director, EMEA of Tealium, the headline partner of the 2018 DataIQ 100, added: “In an age where data has become the driver of change, Tealium is proud to sponsor the DataIQ 100, recognising the leaders carrying the industry forward.

“With the imminent implementation of the GDPR, businesses are being forced to focus on data governance. At Tealium, we strongly advocate data transparency and encourage businesses to adopt a similar mindset.

“Through building consumer trust, gathering data from all entry points, and bridging data silos into a centralised hub, we can obtain a 360-degree customer view; companies will then be best-placed to provide engaging, personalised, and real-time experiences.”

You can view the full list and detailed profiles of the 2017 DataIQ 100 at