A unique online platform connecting professional contractors with recruiters and employers, iContract was launched in 2017 to disrupt the saturated contractor recruitment industry and tap into the growing freelance economy. It is currently in the process of raising £500,000 through Seedrs.

London-based tech start-up iContract is launching a crowdfunding campaign with the help of equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. Proceeds from the raise will go towards further development of the platform, with planned features such as a payment system, full text search, social universe, peer ratings, and enhancement of a newly launched mobile app and the site’s data-matching algorithm, which will feed into the company’s AI research.

iContract is a new online platform serving both contractors and recruiters and hiring managers. It offers more streamlined and accurate job and candidate matching, as well as providing an interactive community for its users, with direct chat, a social universe, offline events and third-party advice and support. It currently covers contracts in finance, legal and tech, with more sectors expected to be added in time.

iContract provides an effective solution that is seamless, highly targeted and data-specific in an industry where candidates are often mismatched with irrelevant jobs and recruiters face the laborious burden of discovering new talent. This mismatching, plus the lack of a recognised go-to platform from which to manage life as a contractor and receive community support, were the main reasons that drove CEO and co-founder Amanda Cai to create iContract.

Contractors who have registered on the platform can search for live contracts tailored to their unique preferences and obtain more personalised results in their job-hunts; likewise, recruiters can search and find a contractor based on their own individual settings.

In today’s employment landscape, more workers are ditching traditional, full-time jobs in favour of freelance or self-employed careers, with a recent report [1] predicting that by 2020, 50% of the UK workforce could be self-employed. As a result, more and more companies are coming on board with this trend for using freelance talent, with tech start-ups in particular able to adopt smart and lean hiring processes that provide the flexibility enjoyed by both parties, allowing them to scale sensibly.

iContract is able to leverage these trends and play an important role in this work movement, and so presents an exciting opportunity to be involved in investment. Launched in August 2017, the company has so far attracted over 3,000 contractors in finance, tech and legal, more than 500 recruiters, and has had over 1,000 live contracts posted on to its platform.

A former contractor herself in the finance industry, Amanda said: “When I made the move from permanent to contract, I loved the flexibility it offered, plus the obvious financial benefit. However, in my experience as a contractor, I was constantly approached with contracts that either had no relevance to me, or didn’t quite tick all the boxes. In this growing age of flexible working, and the rise in freelance employment, I saw a great opportunity to create something that could provide contractors with all they need under one roof. We are delighted to open up the opportunity for our supporters to join our mission with this crowdfunding campaign.”

For more information, visit: www.seedrs.com/iContract

[1]     Created by freelance platform PeoplePerHour: The Evolution of the On-Demand Economy