NBA, Hawk-Eye, The WTA, Draft Kings, Football Whispers, BBC, SAP, Arsenal, LA Dodgers, Orange, PGA…

Do They Know Something You Don’t Know?


These are just some of the brands who submitted entries in the Sports Technology Awards – but they weren’t alone, 30% of all WINNERS have been start up businesses or SMEs.

The Awards, which have been dubbed ‘the Oscars of Sports Technology’, ‘the Rolls Royce of the sports sector’ and the ‘most worthwhile to win’ are now open for entries – so have you made sure your brand is there?

Three reasons you should enter

  • The Awards are totally transparent and fair, the judging is online and independent – that is why winning has become an internationally recognized mark of excellence and why so many small businesses take on large ones and win.
  • Shortlistees and winners report that success in the awards directly converts into tangible business returns. These include reduced sales cycles, quicker inbound investment, improved staffing and elevated client discussions – whatever you want to achieve, having the Sports Technology Awards associated with your brand is a shrewd move.
  • Entries start at £245 +VAT making this possibly the best use of your marketing budget this season

Enter Now or call the sales team on 020 3198 2771

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what one winner said

“I would 100% recommend the STAs to any organization…it allows you to compete and stand out from the crowd. The level of names and brands associated with the event is of an extremely high caliber so if people are looking for an award to increase credibility, this is absolutely the one to go for. The kudos we have received has resulted in tangible partnerships with people reaching out to contact us from all parts of the world.” – Vivion Cox, Football Whispers


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